[iBook] (no subject)

gordens at cox.net gordens at cox.net
Mon Dec 26 18:18:06 PST 2005

Hi.  I have a 933 14" g4 ibook with a cd/dvd slot drive.  It's a matshita - came 
with the ibook.
Anyway - last night I tried to insert a CD which came with a camera (windows 
CD).  The CD drive accepted the CD, but didn't' recognize it.  When I tried to 
eject it using the ejection key - it didn't budge.  I heard no noises.
I restarted the ibook and held the track pad button down to manually eject 
and it would try to eject the CD - but then would pull it back in.
The 2nd time it tried to spit the CD out - I grabbed a hold of the CD and tried 
to pull it out.  When I did this- I tore off about a 1/2" piece of a black foam 
pad that I assume is part of the gripping mechanism for drawing the CD in.  
Now the drive will not accept/draw in a CD at all.

Before I call apple - anyone else done this?  I was wondering if anyone had 
thoughts on replacing this piece - or will I need to replace the entire CD/DVD 
drive?  The Ibook - is past the 1 year warranty. TIA

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