[iBook] Re: iBook Digest, Vol 16, Issue 7

Michael Max L.Ac michael at maxmedicine.net
Tue Dec 27 08:44:17 PST 2005

> Before you return the new monitor, download and try out the Screen
> Spanning Doctor from:
> http://www.rutemoeller.com/mp/ibook/ibook_e.html
> This extends screen spanning to unsupported portables, like the
> iBook.  I've used it myself, with
> no ill effects.  It also gives you access to additional resolutions
> not currently available to you.

Thanks Tony

What a great little patch! Yes, it opened up the options of not only giving
me the ability to mirror my monitors, but it gave me the ability to use a
higher resolution in the 17" LCD monitor. Very nice!

I can use the large monitor as my main screen , keep my email and Chinese
language software off to the side on the iBook, so it is always available,
but out of the way. The higher resolution on the main screen is terrific!

And best of all, when I "unplug" and just use the iBook, everything is fine,
there are no previous open windows that have gotten "lost" somewhere.

Thanks for you help with this. (and so does ViewSonic <g>)

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