[iBook] New RAM not recognised

Malcolm Cornelius malcolm at fireflyuk.net
Thu Oct 6 08:16:03 PDT 2005

> Thanks.
> I might do that... I'm just assuming that if it's in their and the iBook
> isn't finding it then it's bad memory.

Well I have also seen iBooks with bad onboard RAM that don't show added RAM,
so run the AHT as a start.
> I'd love to do the CompUSA thing but here in the UK the equivalent is PC
> World (where the iBook came from, after the local Apple Centre put on a
> bravura display of resenting the whole idea of anything as vulgar as
> selling me anything). I suspect PC World would just say 'fine, buy it
> online' if you challenged them....

Well if it is still under warranty, take it back.

Best wishes

Malcolm Cornelius - The Powerbook Fanatic

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