[iBook] Need Floppy Drive For iBook G3 900

Fred Stevens K2FRD k2frd at mac.com
Fri Oct 14 07:39:46 PDT 2005

Thanks Kate and all, but yesterday I bought a Buy-It-Now 1400 off eBay. It's been a few years since I played with a vintage Mac, so it'll not only let me recover my financial records, but will provide me with a little fun as well. Might even re-join the Vintage Mac group.

BTW, I'm located in the middle of the Arizona desert, so finding other Mac users in the area is a remote (pi) possibility; I think there's only one other computer user (PC of course) of any type within a 20-mile radius. (FWIW, I'm using a portable tripod-mounted Direcway satellite internet system.)


At 23:03 -1000 13/10/2005, Kate Paine wrote:
>If you have a Mac user group in your area, you should be able to borrow
>someone's Mac-chine. There's always someone in a user group who has
>lots of extra stuff.   If not, I've got a 1400 here that you can use if you want
>to pay freight to/from Honolulu :)

73 de Fred Stevens K2FRD

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