[iBook] Need Floppy Drive For iBook G3 900

Kate Paine kkp at lava.net
Fri Oct 14 02:03:42 PDT 2005


If you have a Mac user group in your area, you should be able to borrow
someone's Mac-chine. There's always someone in a user group who has
lots of extra stuff.   If not, I've got a 1400 here that you can use  
if you want
to pay freight to/from Honolulu :)


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> Thanks, Bob! This is exactly the kind of information I was looking  
> for. I thought about just buying an old laptop which has a floppy  
> drive, but I didn't want to mention it in my inquiry so as not to  
> lead the question. With your info, I will now start shopping on  
> eBay for an old (antique) iBook or PowerBook rather than wasting  
> money on a floppy which won't work.
> Fred

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