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Alan Thompson alan at alanthompson.net
Sun Oct 30 18:42:14 PST 2005

I don't know if I'd go that far, but very few and far between there  
have been job sites, or outsourced HR online job applications that  
have checked for the user agent and prevented access or redirected  
you to an error page if you're not using IE or Mozilla.  There are  
many ways around this (change your user agent is one), or actually  
use a gecko, or mozilla-based browser.  Finally, if you are still  
having problems, you then may have to be forced to use IE on Win32,  
or apply for the job through other means.  Still, though, it's  
irrelevant if pre-press shops, etc. are Mac - it's how the  
application was programmed, or if the application (the job app) uses  
non-standard (think active X) coding practices, or if the app was  
coded specifically to use features not available on Safari or mozilla.

A majority of the time, the app is simply checking for user agent,  
and works or does not work based on that.  Then you have the odd-ball  
cases where the app is codes specifically with features only  
available to windows/IE.

I've applied to a job a CNET themselves in the past - they outsourced  
that part of their site.  It checked for user agent.  I got around  
that.  Recently, I relocated from SF to DC.  You can imagine that I  
had a rather large job search going on - I used usajobs.gov,  
craigslist.org, dice.com, hotjobs, washingtonpost.com/jobs (where I  
ultimately got a job), etc, all without a hitch, and using only my  
old tibook 500 (i now have a new ibook).

It's not that bad out there, from my point of view.

On Oct 30, 2005, at 7:19 PM, Tom Legare wrote:

> That article is dead on correct.  When I've been inbetween jobs,  
> it's my old slow freebie Windows laptop for all my emails and  
> online applications.
> Tom
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