[iBook] Re: Need a job? Don't use a Mac | CNET News.com

danielists at mac.com danielists at mac.com
Mon Oct 31 03:02:21 PST 2005

Even in big sites like monster UK, when you try to apply for jobs,  
Safari never does, it just goes back to the application page. I had  
to get Firefox just for that purpose. I had the mentioned issue in  
the AmEx website, with the warning and all. Had the same problem  
browsing, not even looking for work in the Gap website.

There are quite some more websites with the same issues, so I think  
the article is spot-on. It's the developer's fault, but it could also  
be a segmentation criteria from the company. Even though it's not  
"everyone" who uses windows, it's still above 90% so I'm thinking  
they don't think this affects their possibilities to reach the  
majority of their audience.

Unfortunately, by singling out Mac users, they're also making  
themselves out of reach for statistically "smarter" people (http:// 

Joke's on them.


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