[iBook] does ibook have a task manager? - recovering crashed ibook

Sidar Sahin sidar.sahin at funpac.com
Wed Sep 7 17:32:40 PDT 2005

Im now re-installing mac with keep my files option. well see what happens.

thanks a lot robert and whole group!

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> --- Sidar Sahin <sidar.sahin at funpac.com> wrote:
>> hello,
>> im a good pc user, but wants to move to mac (i love
>> them!)
>> after some playing with my ibook, it is now crashed.
>> (i installed dave, yahoo messenger mp3 player lots
>> of programs). ibook g3 366 384 meg ram mac os 9.2.2
>> this is happening:
>> 1- after ibook opens, it freezes. i can move mouse,
>> but cant click anywhere. also in the task bar it
>> says: YAHOO MESSENGER. so i think maybe yahoo is the
>> problem, does mac have a   task manager so I can
>> close all programs and see what is the problem? like
>> ctrl alt delete?
> Press the Command-(key just to the left of the
> spacebar)-Option-Escape keys at the same time; this
> opens up a window allowing you to Force Quit the
> current program. Usually works (but not always).
>> 2- ok, lets say I cant solve this problem (i cant do
>> anything!) so, i want to format my ibook. but I
>> cant!
>> i put mac os 9.2 cd on ibook, boot from cd. opening
>> the recover window, but I cant click anywhere!!!
>> still says yahoo, and cant click anywhere. so, how
>> can I recover this ibook?
> How are you booting from the CD? It sounds like the
> iBook is still booting from the HD and getting to the
> point where it freezes.
> You can boot from the CD 2 ways:
> 1. (Preferred method) Hold down the "C" key while the
> iBook starts up from either a cold boot or a restart.
> This tells the iBook to boot from a CD if a valid
> System is availble
> 2. Hold down the Command-Option-Shift-Delete keys all
> at the same time during start-up; this bypasses the
> selected boot volume, sequences through all available
> drive locations and boots off the first valid System
> found.
> Not sure what you mean by "recover window."
> Another option is to start with Extensions Off (this
> works for starting from the internal HD, no the CD).
> You do this by restarting the iBook, and hold down the
> Shift key through the boot process. When the MacOS
> window comes up during the boot process, you'll see
> the phrase "Extension Off;" this deactivates any
> extensions added to the main OS. Many times there are
> Extension conflicts that cause a problem during start
> up. You can then hunt down the offending Extension (or
> multiple Extensions) and remove them (sometimes a long
> trial-and-error process).
> Starting with Extension Off *might* get you through
> the boot porocess and allow you to remove the Yahoo
> Messenger software (if that's what really causing the
> problem). Then reboot/restart.
>> best to all, and thanks!
>> sidar>
> Good luck.
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