[ibook] Help with fixing (Repair Instructions for your iBook or Powerbook)

Viktor Berry viktor2 at mac.com
Sun Apr 16 22:03:39 PDT 2006

"Travis McKnight" asked for instructions to help him replace the  
screen in his iBook.

There is a great web site called iFixit at http://www.ifixit.com .   
They sell parts that you can replace yourself (like logic boards,  
processors, keyboards, hard drives, SuperDrives, displays --  
everything you can imagine for Apple iBooks and Powerbooks. They also  
have replacement "feet" for the bottom of your case which I always  
seem to lose.

iFixit has also posted FREE step-by-step instructions with great  
photographs explaining exactly what you need to do for each step to  
get your iBook or Powerbook running again. I have read several of  
their instruction guides and I would feel brave enough to try a lot  
of the repairs I used to think only trained repair people should  

Viktor Berry          viktor2 at mac.com

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