[iBook] video crapped out

Larry Blodgett lblodgett at mac.com
Tue Apr 18 05:44:37 PDT 2006

Have you tried and external monitor.  It may be just the built in  

On Apr 17, 2006, at 10:59 PM, Bill Raffensperger wrote:

> My iBook 600 (Dec 2001) has been a great little machine. But about  
> 10 days ago I had a crash where the cursor and the clock froze.  
> None of the key combos worked, I had to hold down the power key to  
> shut it off, and upon reboot, there was no video. I have been using  
> it in target disk mode plugged into a 400MHz iMac since then. You  
> know, hold down the option key, and boot the iMac from the iBook.  
> It's kind of surreal, it's my computer, I can do everything I used  
> to do, but I am tethered to this iMac and my iBook just sits there,  
> out of the way, forlorn on it's CoolPad, lid open, dead screen. I  
> really miss being portable. I have debated getting it fixed, but  
> it's almost four and a half years old. Been thinking about a 12  
> inch PowerBook G4.
> I reset the power manager. I even took out the ram, the airport  
> card, and the battery, then pressed the reset button for 5 seconds.  
> Put just the battery back for reboot. Nothing. Zapped the p-ram.  
> Nothing. I guess the video card is fried. Anyone familiar with this  
> issue? Any other good ideas? It's sad. These things should last  
> longer than this.
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