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The three screws on the very bottom of the case? I have no idea why you
can't get those screws back in. In my case, the process of replacing them
was exactly the reverse of the process of removing them--quite literally.
You are using a T8 Torx driver, right? (I know; a simplistic question, but
it is possible to take these out with other drivers, just not best.)

I remember the screws had a blue tinge, and I wondered if it was a way of
color coding them for assembly. I don't remember any "blue stuff" beyond
that--nothing like the grease in the springs in the battery compartment.

Okay, I just removed those three screws from my (admittedly only a 12")
iBook and, indeed, they are just screws, with blue paint on the ends. The
two that screw into the hinge area are quite long, the center one is short.
None of them seem to "engage" except at the very ends--indeed, right about
where the blue paint is.

I suspect that if they don't seem to engage (do they fall right out, or just
never get "tight"?), that whatever they are supposed to screw into is either
not lined up or possibly broken or simply stripped. Go to page 9 of 9 under
the instructions for installing the fan. Click on the top picture to see it
full size. See the two places where those screws (probably; I'm guessing)
screw in. If you opened it up, I suspect you might find the problem there.
It sort of looks like a metal bolt glued into a plastic tube. I suppose if
that's true, the glue may have failed. Again, just guessing.


Jack Countryman (jcountry at insightbb.com)wrote:

> The three screws shown being removed in page 6/14 of instructions for the 14
> inch iBook under hard drive replacement, are the ones that do not seem to go
> back in place.  They come out with a bit of some sort of blue stuff on the
> ends.  I'm not sure what that attached them to and did not find any way to
> replace them so they stay put?  Any idea what they are supposed to go back
> into, what he blue stuff is or why it is there?  Note also that while the
> are take apart guides at ifixit are good, they do not extend to re-assembly,
> when (as with these screws apparently) the two processes are different.
> Caveat Emptor?
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>> From: Joy Freeman <pagesbyjoy at gmail.com>
>> Subject: Re: [iBook] Re: iBook disassembly/re-assembly for
>> upgrade/repair 
>> There are terrific take-apart instructions at http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/
>> with generally good advice about how to avoid particular pitfalls
>> Joy 
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>> Jack Countryman (jcountry at insightbb.com)wrote:
>>>  I thought I had seen a series of disassembly pictures a year or two ago,
>>> but could not find them this summer when I had time to do this.  Anyone know
>>> where to find them?  As Stephen reports, separating the case pieces without
>>> breaking too much of the plastic is a challenge.
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