[iBook] Re: OFF TOPIC: web site question

Brian Olesky brian4 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 7 10:39:59 PDT 2006

Interesting. I just tried Google searches for both The COR Group and COR
Group, and I'm still not seeing our site--just a COR Group.com site (we're
.net). The only way I've been able to see our site on Google is thru use of
the full URL, which is sort of useless, since if someone already has it,
they wouldn't need a search in the first place.

Am I doing something wrong in my search? I've tried refreshing the search
page several times.


On 8/7/06 10:24 AM, "Fred Stevens K2FRD" <k2frd at mac.com> wrote:

> Brian, your COR Group is mentioned several times within the text and in text
> format. I did a Google on "COR Group" and both CORGroup.net and CORGroup.com
> came up with CORGroup.com right on top; using "The COR Group", both URLs come
> up at the top with .com before the .net. Since it takes several days to a
> couple weeks after adding a URL to Google before it appears, I might presume
> it was already there.
> If you don't already have it, I might recommend a tracker/hitmeter on your
> site. While I use ExtremeTracker  http://extremetracking.com/?reg , a freebie
> generally for small sites, you might consider a paid tracking service to
> determine just who, how many, and from where the visitors to your site
> originate. Such trackers may be hidden from view as your's might be although I
> didn't see one in your html source.
> Very nice site, I might add, very professional. Good luck on your endeavor!
> Fred
> At 9:45 AM -0700 7/8/06, Brian Olesky wrote:
>> On 8/6/06 8:27 PM, "James Paul Manley" <listmonger at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Same here. I thing you might have a business relationship of some
>>> sort to get your site on the top of the list (the first page). But
>>> other than that Google does pick them up.
>>> If you want to add your page yourself you can do so here:
>>> http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl
>>> ---
>>> James Paul Manley
>>> Albuquerque, New Mexico
>> I too haven't been able to find my site on Google yet (It went up about 6
>> months ago). So I went to the page you offered, which I hadn't found until
>> your post, and added my URL (just a minute ago). The site says I've now been
>> added to their index, but Google still doesn't see us yet. My fear is that
>> if you enter the name of my company--The COR Group--since it only appears in
>> our logo graphic at the top of the page, it still may not be visible, based
>> on what one of the previous posters said about Google not recognizing names
>> if they're part of a graphic.
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated. My URL is http://www.thecorgroup.net.

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