[iBook] Re: New (old) iBook

Bart Hanson bart at orcon.net.nz
Tue Aug 15 13:56:16 PDT 2006


All of the Apple Service Centres are listed here:

You can buy a laptop ATA/IDE drive at any PC dealership or the Apple  
Service Centre can supply one. I'd not try fitting it myself.
Get them to supply the RAM as well as it is easy to get the wrong sort.


Bart Hanson
Macintosh Computer Services Ltd.
bart at macservices.co.nz

On 14/08/2006, at 9:44 PM, ibook- 
request at listserver.themacintoshguy.com wrote:

> I am a Mac girl through and through and have only ever owned older  
> iMacs but
> have been given an old clamshell iBook (300MHz/3.2GB/32RAM).

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