[iBook] getting data off pulled iBook HD

Joy Freeman pagesbyjoy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 08:04:28 PDT 2006

We recently upgraded the original hard drive in a dual-USB iBook. It now
turns out the old drive wasn't properly backed up and we need to pull some
data from it. Short of cracking open the iBook again, what is our best bet
for bringing that drive up and getting the data? We'd rather not open a
laptop again, but we do have an old G3 to work with, as well as two working
iBooks, a MacBook Pro, and an external hard drive. We're willing to spend at
least a little money on hardware to do this if necessary. There's no Apple
store within hundreds of miles, so we can't very well carry it in to a
Genius Bar, and my husband would probably feel uncomfortable sending the
hard drive off to somebody else to recover the data.

Any help would be appreciated,

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