[iBook] Clamshell Hard Drive replacement!

Carol-Lynn Hill hillseymour at kol.co.nz
Wed Aug 16 16:58:59 PDT 2006

This is the question -

Should I, Should I not?

I am reasonable technically able having upgraded many iMacs with Hard Drives
and RAM upgrades - now I have been given this 300MHz G3 ibook.  I need to
put in an 80GB Hard Drive and upgrade the RAM to 516MB... BUT do I do it
myself?  I understand that it might be a tricky operation.  I have read the
iFixit instructions and would do as one suggested by printing out pictures
and sticking screws to it.  But I would appreciate ANY other pieces of
advice or information on this pending operation.....

I'd love to give it a try but I am also aware of the difficulties - I want
to be realistic.  What sort of time should I allow? What complications have
others found (who have attempted it)... Please post your recommendations and
advice or comments!

Note: - The main reason for this upgrade is mainly just to make the iBook a
music storage facility with iTunes! I will have it plugged into my computer
and use iTunes as the interface for my music!

Carol-Lynn in NZ 

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