[iBook] Mail and the Reply To: feature

Angus Wallace angus.wallace at flinders.edu.au
Mon Aug 21 16:52:14 PDT 2006

G'day Mike,

I'm not completely sure what you mean by 'drop down list' - are you using

However, I think you can set a different reply-to address for every email
account. If (in Mail - in MacOS 10.4) you go to
Accounts -> Account information

and edit the field 'Email Address', I think that's the reply-to address. it
sounds like you'll need to edit this field for each email account you have.

I can't remember what it was like in Panther - presumably it's similar...


Quoting Mike Urseth <mike at brewersdigest.com>:

> I have several email accounts for different business ventures. (Think  
> "Rockford Files")
> I need to have the Reply To: show the correct address. The Mail app  
> obligingly gives a drop down list from Address Book (?) and I can  
> easily select the correct one. Unfortunately, it is completely  
> inconsistent. Sometimes it will give the correct one or show one of  
> my other noms de plume at the top of the list. Other times (it  
> appears to be random) the list will contain only one or two of my  
> return addresses and every other mike@ in the world.
> I realize that it's a little picky, but it disrupts my already bumpy  
> flow.
> Any suggestions?
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