[iBook] Wireless printing

Peter Nevett nevett at tequis.com.mx
Thu Aug 24 18:08:42 PDT 2006

Things are getting much more complicated now!
While trying to get the iBook G3 to print wirelessly I seem to have 
messed up its whole wireless configuration. The result is that I now 
cannot access anything wirelessly.
The Airport program shows a strong signal but I cannot access any URLs 
nor my emails. If I connect via an ethernet cable to the router and 
switch the TCP/IP control panel to ethernet, it works fine.
More puzzling are the configuration settings I get on TCP/IP if I use 
the DHCP configuration - they do not match anything I see on my iBook 
G4 (which is still working perfectly), even the IP address of the 
router is different.
I have tried to set TCP/IP configuration manually, with no success, 
neither does the Airport Assistant work, it tells me to check the 
TCP/IP control panel, the router and client must be on the same TCP/IP 



On Aug 20, 2006, at 7:36 PM, Russ Gorman wrote:

> On Aug 20, 2006, at 9:58 AM, Peter Nevett wrote:
>> You're right, I didn't describe how the printer is connected, because 
>> it is a bit complicated.
>> It is a Hewlet PackardLaserJet 2100M printer, of a respectable age. 
>> It does not have a USB port so I use the AppleTalk connection, going 
>> through a Farallon Ethernet iPrint Adapter (ethernet to Appletalk) so 
>> I can use the ethernet port on either iBook if necessary.
>> The point is that the G4, running OSX and Airport Extreme, prints 
>> perfectly through this system with the printer's ethernet cable 
>> connected to ne of the ethernet ports on teh 2Wire 2700HG wireless 
>> router. The G3, with OS 9 and Airport, does not even see the printer 
>> in Chooser.
>> Any further ideas?
>> Pete
> Not seeing the printer in chooser usually means Appletalk is not 
> pointed at the right port (printer vs. modem or ethernet) when using 
> Airport is there a choice for Airport in the Appletalk control panel?
> I support a number of OS9 machines that print using  Appletalk over 
> ethernet to a LaserJet during the school year but don't have access to 
> them right now to experiment with a setup like yours...
> I think as long as the wireless router supports Appletalk ( which few 
> seem to ) it should work
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