[iBook] Video editing on an 2 year old iBook?

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Thu Dec 7 07:20:30 PST 2006


> Two things, more than HD size, will determine whether you can or
> should not attempt to edit video on your iBook. First, how much > RAM do you have?

 whatever the multiple of 128 in that region is.

> Second, what's the processor speed?


It’s a bottom of the range one – when I bought it I was only expecting
to use it for writing, email, browsing. It doesn’t have a DVD burner.

> iMovie is (a) cheap, and (b) fairly intuitive and easy if you've never
> done video editing before.

I’ve had a play with iMovie (I mocked up a very simple credit sequence
the other night using Photoshop stills and the iBook seemed to be
straining; and I’ve had a play around with it using low quality avi’s);
I’ve also been around editing suites on stuff I’ve written and produced,
and had a two day basic course on Avid Express a couple of years ago
which I’ve almost entirely forgotten. The bottom line is that I know
enough about Avid/Premiere/FC  to feel iMovie’s limitations, and since I
ultimately want to produce an EDL and get an online done decently enough
to show the film at festivals, iMovie isn’t going to cut it

> Final Cut Express is also reasonably priced, but may be more than you require.

For this project, certainly, but I’m always up for learning a new skill,
and I know enough people who know their way round all three packages to
be able to pick up the phone if necessary (although I’m actually quite
good at learning software).

> Hope this helps.

Certainly does.


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