[iBook] Video editing on an 2 year old iBook?

Howard Pettigrew howard.pettigrew at xtra.co.nz
Thu Dec 7 10:34:43 PST 2006

Matt, I don't quite understand your question. You say you are just  
wanting to put together a two minute short? If this is only a two  
minute video, your 30 gig HD will be fine - why do you need an  
external Hard drive? Each gig will hold about 6-7 minutes of video so  
you have heaps on your laptop. Have you not got iMovie on your  
laptop? Unless you are doing something special, it will be fine and  
having a 2 year old machine is no problem. You can do this is on much  
older than this. If you need help with iMovie, I have some tutorials  
I use in schools at;


Sorry, there is a lot of educational stuff there but click on the  
iMovie Notes button and download the tutorials. Hope fully this is  
what you want. They are not the latest version - sorry, need to find  
that precious commodity called time to update them but hope they are  
useful. You can find heaps of other tutorials out there on the web  
with a little searching.

H in NZ
On 8/12/2006, at 12:34 AM, ibooklist2 at matthurst.fastmail.fm wrote:

> I have a two year old iBook – 30gig HD, running 10.3.9 – and I want to
> do some video editing on it. Nothing flash, just cutting together a  
> two
> minute short.
> Obviously I’ll need to buy as big an external hard drive as I can
> afford, but apart from that, is my beloved iBook up to it? And if so,
> does anyone have any tips about how to go about it?
> If not, what are my options?
> Matt
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