[iBook] Getting AirPort Working On iBook G3 300 Clamshell

Tom R. no spam tr5374 at csc.albany.edu
Mon Dec 11 13:48:50 PST 2006

Airport in OS9 has always been straightforward for me,
including a clamshell running 9.0.4 & Airport for years.

For a clean setup, create a new Location (using Locations
Manager control panel/control strip module) for her
Airport use after setting the AppleTalk and TCP/IP
control panel settings to be right for her wireless use.
Then, never change the AppleTalk and TCP/IP settings
unless a different Location, or "None", is the current
Location.  When you do this, what is the result?

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, Fred Stevens K2FRD wrote:

> I am attempting to get AirPort operational on a Clamshell (blueberry)
> iBook G3 300 with OS 9 (original) for an elderly friend of mine so
 . . .
> been years since i worked with OS 9 and control panels and
> extensions, so my knowledge on OS 9 is fuzzy and I don't know for
> certain for what I am looking.
 . . .

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