[iBook] Getting AirPort Working On iBook G3 300 Clamshell

Fred Stevens K2FRD k2frd at mac.com
Mon Dec 11 18:01:34 PST 2006

At 4:48 PM -0500 11/12/06, Tom R. no spam wrote:
>Airport in OS9 has always been straightforward for me,
>including a clamshell running 9.0.4 & Airport for years.
>For a clean setup, create a new Location (using Locations
>Manager control panel/control strip module) for her
>Airport use after setting the AppleTalk and TCP/IP
>control panel settings to be right for her wireless use.
>Then, never change the AppleTalk and TCP/IP settings
>unless a different Location, or "None", is the current
>Location.  When you do this, what is the result?

Didn't have to go to the point of creating a new location. Once I got the AppleTalk, TCP/IP, and Internet Control Panels and the Open Transport extensions (was off) all set to the right configurations and Airport turned on, it was simple after that except when the wireless provider turned off his equipment for the day. The location set itself by default (this was the first she ever had her clamshell online). End of test.

I'll tell you, hobbling down memory lane on her antique clamshell is a mighty different trip than the ease of OS X for getting online with anything (dialup, cable, satellite, wi-fi, and cellphone - I've used them all), even my HughesNet satellite connection for which I just wrote an Installer's Guide for getting Macs online with the HN7000S modem. Cardinal rules: let the OS X machine do all the work with its automatic settings and don't mess with the settings once it's working. At least now I can get her upgraded to 9.2.2, but if it hadn't been for her low RAM, I'd have switched her to OS X in a Yankee second.

Thanks to everyone for the online and off-list help and moral support! I appreciate it!


73 de Fred Stevens K2FRD, VO2FS

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