[iBook] .mac syncing problems w/iCal between two Macs

gooddog at interlync.com gooddog at interlync.com
Tue Dec 12 19:20:32 PST 2006

On Dec 11, 2006, at 7:03 AM, Joel Esler wrote:

> Well, it's kinda hard to merge to seperate calendars.  The trick is,
> they have to be named the same thing.  However, if you do that.  All
> hell will break loose.

So I've found!!
> I suggest you guys sit down at one computer, put all the of the
> calendar's stuff on one calendar, then go to .mac preferences in your
> system preferences, go to advanced, then click on "Replace" or
> "Rewrite" (or something, the button is on the bottom)..
> Then tell your computer (watch the arrows!!) to overwrite .mac..  then
> on the other computer, in the same window, tell .mac to overwrite your
> computer.  viola.  Same calendar.

This make sense, and we'll try it.  So, if we do this, then we'll be  
able to make changes from either end, and update by syncing, right?  
This is what I understand can be done, but, until your explanation,  
couldn't figure out how to do it.

Thank you, Joel, for your help. I appreciate the clearing of the mist.


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