[iBook] .mac syncing problems w/iCal between two Macs

Joel Esler eslerj at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 05:03:19 PST 2006

Well, it's kinda hard to merge to seperate calendars.  The trick is,
they have to be named the same thing.  However, if you do that.  All
hell will break loose.

I suggest you guys sit down at one computer, put all the of the
calendar's stuff on one calendar, then go to .mac preferences in your
system preferences, go to advanced, then click on "Replace" or
"Rewrite" (or something, the button is on the bottom)..

Then tell your computer (watch the arrows!!) to overwrite .mac..  then
on the other computer, in the same window, tell .mac to overwrite your
computer.  viola.  Same calendar.


On 12/10/06, gooddog at interlync.com <gooddog at interlync.com> wrote:
> Folks;
> I'm having the dickens of a time syncing my iBook to my wife's iMac
> (17" 1.2 GHz flat panel) via .mac. We're both running the latest
> Tiger. When we learned that we could have one calendar, instead of
> two separate ones, and maintain them both via a sync with .mac, we
> were pretty interested. However, we are stuck.
> We weren't able to get exactly the same calendars on each machine
> despite all I've tried and read, so I suspect I'm doing something weird.
> The situation has deteriorated a bit in that when I sync with .Mac,
> it wants to delete just about all of my calendar information. The
> same on her side. We are perplexed. I'm happy to start from scratch,
> but am a bit confused as to the correct steps.
> Are there any step-by-step instructions somewhere?
> Thanks
> mark
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