[iBook] The Mouse With The Nervous Twitch

Tony Gamble tgamble180 at rogers.com
Mon Feb 27 20:31:39 PST 2006

Hi, listers...
	Has anyone come across this problem before:
	When my external hard drive is connected to my iBook, my Mighty  
Mouse emits a continuous ticking sound whenever I touch it.  In fact,  
sometimes even when I just come within an inch of touching it.
	The external is a 120Gb Maxtor mounted in a BlueEye Xeasy Firewire/ 
USB2.0 enclosure.  The iBook is a 14" G4 1.42Ghz.  This manic ticking  
occurs when connected by USB as well as by Firewire, and tested both  
directly and through a powered hub.  I have also tried plugging the  
enclosure into different outlets in the room, but the demented  
ticking continues to drive me into fits of spasms.
	Any ideas?


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