[iBook] please unsubscribe my email from list

Andy McMullin andy.mcmullin at mac.com
Sun Jun 4 01:10:22 PDT 2006

On 4 Jun 2006, at 02:27, Fred Stevens K2FRD wrote:

> At 1:35 PM -0700 6/3/06, Jeanne Douglas wrote:
>> At 3:24 PM -0500 6/3/06, Judy Castles-Bentley wrote:
>> Sending this to the list will not get you unsubscribed; you have  
>> to do it yourself. Look above--the instruction for unsubscribing  
>> are on every single email you get from the list.
> As a Post Script, I might mention that not all emailers show part  
> or whole headers complete with addresses, routing IP numbers, Reply  
> To and Unsubscribe/Archive/Help/etc addresses. Some merely show  
> "From" username(s), often with no hyperlinks. While this is no  
> excuse for persons being unable to determine for themselves the  
> correct method for unsubscribing to a list (group, forum, or  
> whatever), we should be patient with those who are less computer  
> literate than most Mac people.

I use Mail as supplied by Apple (after all, this is an iBook list)  
and this was the first I knew about the unsubscribe (and other)  
information in the mail headers. By default Apple's Mail only shows  
"From", "Subject", "Date", "To" and "Reply To".

With all due respect therefore, saying "look above" to people on this  
list using iBooks with Apple software will mean nothing. How about  
"Use 'View -> Message -> Long Headers' to show the headers of the  
message, then use the 'List-Unsubscribe' address given in the 27th  
header from the top"?

Andy McMullin

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