[iBook] Troubled iBook

Kenny Feder harpofeder at comcast.net
Mon Jun 5 11:43:20 PDT 2006

Update on my son's "troubled iBook"

My son returned from college this weekend and I steeled myself for a
difficult diagnostic session. First, I asked my son how long it had been
since he ran the Disc Utility app. He said, "Disc what?"

So, the first thing I did was run Disc Utility. Verify Disc found all manner
of problems so I ran Repair Disc.

His computer is now working perfectly. All of the wake from sleep issues and
startup issues were resolved! I guess it bears reminding (me, anyway) that
sometimes the simplest solution clears up the problem. Hooray.

Thanks every one for all of your help.


On 5/30/06 11:09 PM, "Mary H." <maryh at brucetelecom.com> wrote:

> At 1:47 PM -0400 5/30/06, Kenny Feder wrote:
>> My son's G4 iBook is behaving very strangely and I'm trying to figure out if
>> it's more likely a hardware or a software problem. When he shuts the lid of
>> his laptop it goes to sleep but when he opens the lid up, it only sometimes
>> wakes up. Sometimes it refuses to wake up, other times it has turned itself
>> off (and it's certainly not configured to do that). In any event, when he
>> attempts to reboot, he will commonly get the dreaded folder with a question
>> mark and the machine simply can't find the OS (10.4) and won't start up.
> Everything here suggests to me that troubleshooting should start with
> http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=2238
> http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=14449
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