[iBook] Yet another problem...

Kurt Cypher kurt.lemlist at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 10:37:42 PDT 2006

On 6/2/06, Pat <patdart at cox.net> wrote:
> You guys are so good and helpful, but I now have a real serious
> problem.  My TiBook 400 simply won't boot at all!  I was going to move
> some programs from it to my friend's and I haven't booted it in a
> couple of months and now, I hit the start button and nothing happens at
> all.  What does this mean?  I've checked the plugs, the wall plug, etc.
> but I've never had it not respond at all.
> HELP!  It's my oldest and most dear one and what could be the problem?
> Pat

I've seen where if a TiBook was left unplugged for a long time, and
both the main battery and the internal PRAM battery are allowed to
completely drain, the 'book showed symptoms exactly like yours.  The
cure was to merely leave it plugged in overnight (possibly a couple of
days) to get some charge built back up on the batteries, and then try
again.  The 'book then booted up as if nothing happened.

Of course, as always, YRMV,


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