[iBook] Re: video crapped out

Bill Raffensperger raffy at macsrule.com
Thu Jun 22 05:45:55 PDT 2006

I had my MacBook a month. The heat, the smudged look to the black  
case, the sharp edges under my wrists, the funky click bar, were kind  
of irritating me. Then my daughter called, her 14in iBook had the  
same problem as mine, the video crapped out. I saw this a chance to  
make two people happy. I'm gonna give her the MacBook, and buy a 12in  
PowerBook G4. It showed up yesterday. Here's the out-of-the-box  
experience for a refurb:


It had Panther, which was kind of weird, because all the  
documentation was for Tiger. So I got my Tiger DVD (bought a family  
license back when) and installed it by holding down the option key to  
boot from the install disc. Then was guided to target disk mode all  
my stuff over from the MacBook. Next, found out the PBG4's disks had  
10.4.2, so archive and install, then used Software update.

I have had some kernel panics today, maybe from going from Intel back  
to Motorola. Don't laugh, I was playing BombSquad.


This PBG4 feels like my iBook. It fits my iBook bag, my SunShade  
fits, all my yoyos with the GenGap adapters scattered around the  
house power the thing. Carting that one MagSafe adapter for the  
MacBook all over the place was a drag. Having the MacBook battery  
power going to the fan and excess heat generation was really  
annoying. I got used to using the iBook in bed at night. With the  
MacBook I had to use the Podium CoolPad to keep from cooking.

Tell you what I'll miss: Front Row was very cool. Especially when I  
was using iTunes like a JukeBox to power my home stereo. The glossy  
screen was absolutely gorgeous. Photo Booth had us laughing like we  
hadn't laughed in a long while.

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