[iBook] Mac for Dummies...

Pat patdart at cox.net
Fri Jun 23 16:19:15 PDT 2006

Brian, Brian, and others,

Okay, guys, I've gotten so far but no further with my rescue of the 
opera disk for my friend.  I soaked the disk, removed the paper label, 
used WD40 to remove the label glue, used alcohol to clean it and the 
disk itself, then put it into iTunes, but there are a couple of noisy 
spots, so after burning a couple of disks from it, I made a .dmg file 
of it and am now trying to burn a copy from them and I've made two 
copies of the .dmg file (which I don't want) and as disks are 
expensive, I need more help.  THE MISSING MANUAL is no help for this 
dummy...I'm running OS 10.3.9.  How do I get it to make a copy of the 
music, not the .dmg?  Then, my next step will be to try the Brasso 
cleaning of the original, but I'd like to see if the pops and other 
noises are on the .dmg first.

Y'all are so helpful, but I'm stumped at this point, despite my reading.



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