[iBook] iBook G4 sudden loss of battery capacity?

Jean-Paul Thuot jeanpaul at zhenwu.org
Mon Oct 2 08:28:55 PDT 2006

On 10/1/06, Michael Elliott <michaelelliott at mac.com> wrote:
> My mid-2005 iBook G4 has suffered what I THINK is a precipitous loss
> of battery charging capacity.  At this point it will only show about
> Any suggestions before I buy a new battery? Now I REALLY wish I had a
> battery that falls in the recall serial number range!
> Thanks :-)
> Michael

I don't suppose you have Applecare?  That does seem very strange.  My
wife's iBook is about the same age as yours (G4 1.2Ghz), and she still
gets over 3 hours of charge.


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