[iBook] iBook with USB 1.1 and iPod problem

R Hefner rshefner_uk at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 22 22:10:53 PDT 2006

Clark Martin <cmmac at sonic.net> wrote: At 11:19 AM -0700 10/22/06, R Hefner wrote:
>Hiya all,
>I am looking at getting a new iPod shuffle or possibly
>a nano, but unfortunately I found
>out they only work with USB 2.0 and my iBook is a G3
>with USB 1.1. Can't afford to
>upgrade the Mac right now...but I have a PC with USB
>2.0.  Could I use the PC to upload
>mp3s for now and then still use the iPod with a Mac in
>the future. In a nutshell...will
>the same iPod work with a Mac and Windows or are they
>two different models?

Two of my daughters and I have Nanos and my wife has a Shuffle. 
While my Nano is used with my iBook G4 w/ USB 2.0, the girls' 
computers are both G3 iMacs w/ USB 1.1.  The work quite well on the 
iMacs.  They are slower to transfer of course and I believe slower to 

My wife's Shuttle is connected to her Wallstreet with a USB 2.0 card 
plugged in.  IIRC there is a note about the Shuttle needing either 
USB 2.0 or OS 10.3.something.

But, yeah, you can do it without USB 2.0.
Clark Martin
Redwood City, CA, USA
Macintosh / Internet Consulting

"I'm a designated driver on the Information Super Highway"

Thanks for the replies everyone!

So it sounds like I could use a Nano on my G3 iBook with USB 1.1 if your daughters are using theirs on the iMacs you mention.  Are these the newest gen. Nanos? I'm assuming all the iPods would "say" they need USB 2.0.

For the purpose of making trnasfers/charge faster, is there anything I can get/do to make the USB 1.1 port on my iBook a USB 2.0? 

Many thanks,

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