[iBook] iBook with USB 1.1 and iPod problem

Clark Martin cmmac at sonic.net
Sun Oct 22 22:41:47 PDT 2006

At 10:10 PM -0700 10/22/06, R Hefner wrote:
>Clark Martin <cmmac at sonic.net> wrote:
>Two of my daughters and I have Nanos and my wife has a Shuffle.
>While my Nano is used with my iBook G4 w/ USB 2.0, the girls'
>computers are both G3 iMacs w/ USB 1.1. The work quite well on the
>iMacs. They are slower to transfer of course and I believe slower to
>My wife's Shuttle is connected to her Wallstreet with a USB 2.0 card
>plugged in. IIRC there is a note about the Shuttle needing either
>USB 2.0 or OS 10.3.something.
>But, yeah, you can do it without USB 2.0.

>Thanks for the replies everyone!
>So it sounds like I could use a Nano on my G3 iBook with USB 1.1 if 
>your daughters are using theirs on the iMacs you mention.  Are these 
>the newest gen. Nanos? I'm assuming all the iPods would "say" they 
>need USB 2.0.

1st Gen Nanos.

>For the purpose of making trnasfers/charge faster, is there anything 
>I can get/do to make the USB 1.1 port on my iBook a USB 2.0?

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