[iBook] Anyone need most of an iBook G3/500?

Angus Wallace angus.wallace at flinders.edu.au
Wed Oct 25 18:57:17 PDT 2006

Without wanting to be provoking, if I was interested in an iBook, I wouldn't buy
this. It's nothing personal, but such a purchase would leave the buyer very

I don't want to impugn your character, Buddy Brannan, but the list doesn't
really know anything about you. I think it'd be foolish to buy the ibook, and
I'd question why you don't put it on ebay, where there is at least a modicum of
protection for both buyers and sellers...


Quoting Buddy Brannan <buddy at brannan.name>:

> Hi y'all,
> I've been sort of lurking...
> Anyway, about a year and a half ago, I got an iBook dual USB off  
> eBay, mostly because I wanted to play with Tiger generally and  
> Voiceover in particular. Well, as it happens, this machine's just a  
> bit too slow running Voiceover and what-not for me to comfortably  
> use; which is to say, I'll be getting a faster one sometime.  
> Meantime, If anyone needs the better part of one of these, I'd let  
> this one go pretty cheap, including a copy of OSX Tiger (full DVD).
> The reason I say most of a system is this, and why someone could get  
> a good deal. The track pad doesn't seem to click. The button presses,  
> but while the mouse cursor moves, it ddoesn't seem to click. I  
> suspect it has something to do with the fact that the lid doesn't  
> latch, either. Both of these things did work, but now they don't.  
> Probably easy for someone, but not for me, and I really didn't notice  
> until I thought about unloading this thing and having someone check.  
> Since I'm blind (which is why I was using Voiceover), I had no reason  
> to use the mouse or complain about its unresponsiveness.
> That said, this machine's got 320 MB RAM, a 20GB hard drive, combo  
> drive ($X CD burner/24X CDROM/I dunno what speed it plays DVD's at),  
> Airport card, ethernet and modem. Also an after-market battery  
> charger, and the battery, last I used it, lasted well over three  
> hours with the power savings set to "better energy savings". Mind  
> you, this is with the audio going nonstop (because it was talking).
> Of course, the case has some rough edges from the previous owner.  
> Also, the i key feels a bit crooked, but all the keys work anyway.  
> Far as I can tell, and I'm typing on it now, those (with the latch  
> and the mouse button issue) are the only gotchas with this thing.
> It will come to you with a fresh install of OSX, so you don't have to  
> deal with all the junk I had on it. Else I can just wipe the thing  
> and let you do your own install. Whichever.
> Knowing how much of a show stopper the whole mouse thing can be for  
> people, I was looking to get around $150. Well, maybe *way* around.  
> Not sure how unreasonable this is, so someone can feel free to make  
> an offer if you need pieces and parts. Since it seems to be a big  
> deal on eBay for some reason, I cound two rubber stoppers on the LCD  
> panel and four rubber feet on the bottom.
> Thanks,
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