[iBook] Anyone need most of an iBook G3/500?

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Wed Oct 25 21:11:01 PDT 2006

Hi Angus,

Thank you for your note. 

Naturally, you're entitled to your opinion, and like you, I'd
certainly exercise caution in any dealings done with anyone, online or
off. No, of course you don't know anything about me, but if this is
something you might be interested in (and clearly it isn't), I'm happy
to chat with you at any length to put your mind at ease. Come to that,
I'm happy to chat with you anyway. It's easy enough to find out
anything you want to know about me; I've nothing to hide, not even a
chequered past. I'm even listed in the  Erie, PA phonebook. 

As for why I didn't list on eBay, it's something I considered. But
don't kid yourself. While there are certainly protections, it's not
only possible to get scammed, but not even uncommon, so you're
certainly not in a foolproof sort of thing just by virtue of using
eBay. It's no accident that lots of strange stuff shows up from lots
of stranger places. Buyer beware, always. 

Anyway, if I was going to scam someone, wouldn't I do so by listing a
better iBook? I really don't know how much more up front I could have
been about this one's condition. Heck, i'm not even looking to get
rich off it...it's going for quite a bit less than i paid for it (off
eBay, BTW). 

As a point of interest, if you're actually interested, it's been
spoken for. And I told the gentleman who's interested he could feel
free to use Paypal if he so chose, so he's as protected should I
decide to scam him and send him a box of rocks instead of the
described iBook. 

Finally, should anyone actually want to verify that I'm not a front
man for some guy in nigeria, or that I'm not in the habit of sending
people a box of rocks, please feel free. In the spirit of goodwill and
open discussion, feel free to phone:
(814) 860-3194

This is the phone number you will find listed to me in the Erie
telephone directory. One wonders if others would be as open? The
anonymity of the Internet is, after all, a two-way street, a
double-edged sword, pick your favorite analogy. 

Thank you for your indulgence. (BTW, I'm typing this on my Linux
machine. I'm going to reformat the iBook tomorrow, then replace it
with a box of rocks.)
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