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Kristina Rost mhamster at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 25 12:17:12 PDT 2006


New question.
I have finally turned to working with iPhoto.
I have the Visual Quickstart Guide and have made some albums yada yada

Now I would like to burn them to a CD for the purpose of archiving 
them for my own macself and making windoze versions for the fam.

I had Toast 3.5.7 which came with my Yamaha burner that I still use 
on my desktop G3 beige.

Can i load this version on my iBook and burn CD's? Maybe not the 
fancy iPhoto creations but at least the photos jpgs themselves.

Toast would be in classic mode, which in my opinion is tricky at 
best...tell me this goes away if I upgrade to 10.3...and my Office 98 
will still work fine and i won't have to buy more software, since I 
am balking at the 40 some bucks to upgrade to 10.3.

As far as I can tell there is not a resident program in OS X.2.8 to 
burn CD's is there?

What do you recommend if this toast is not suitable?

also I cannot find the albums OR PHOTOs except within the iPhoto program

Once, I trustingly, dumped my entire photo memory card to clean the 
card, and shoot up kabillion more photos, only to now have them stuck 
on this iBook.

iPhoto quits when i try to mess with those 300+ photos. Saying to me 
that there are too many for my iPhoto or iBook memory. Now what do I 
do? Upgrade the iBook's memory?

iBook G3 700MHZ  10.2.8 256MB
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