[iBook] iBook CD burning photos

Kristina Rost mhamster at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 26 04:57:46 PDT 2006

Thanks for the answers, let me clarify

I should have said that I don't see the iBook "disk burn" software 
prompt...like I am used to in Toast. I was thinking that maybe you 
have to install a disk burn program to use the CDRW. And I only had 
the old Toast program to use. I was expecting the window prompt to be 
labeled "disk burn utility", "iBurn" or something. The generic window 
seemed like a OS prompt that is confused about what the CD is for and 
do I know what I want to do with it. Which is about what it says but 
it doesn't give me any indication that burning photos is an option.

>You are saying you have an external CD burner that works on Toast 
>under OS9 on your desktop and you want to use the burner on your 
>iBook, which presumably hasn't got a CD writer.

my "about this mac" says I have a Sony CDRWDVD fully supported and I 
believe it. I just have never used it. This iBook is new to me and I 
am just now getting around to doing iPhoto things.

>You should be able to download and install Patchburn

Thanks for the link...

>You said to someone else that you did not have a burn symbol across 
>the bottom but could that be because the window is not open up 
>enough? the iPhoto window is not fully open, there is usually an 
>arrow in the bottom right corner

the only arrow i see is the one that indicates rotating the photo

>and when you click on that, it shows the additional icons that it 
>can't display because the window is not open enough.

additonal icons??? like what???  my iPhoto version is 1.1.1
I was looking for a picture screen to show what my windows look like 
and saw iLife (...cool does that run on 10.3?)

>This will only burn an iPhoto album(s) which is fine if you want to 
>install in iPhoto but no good to send to someone else with a PC.

I really need PC communication

the explanations below are still assuming I don't have CD burner on 
the iBook? Or if I am using my iBook's CDRW?

My problem is that I didn't recognize the window prompt as from a 
burner...it wasn't labeled. So i am going to

>Anyway, that aside, once  I had run Patchburn and restarted, I would 
>insert the blank CD.


>It sounds a lot of steps but I'm sure you'll follow it when you do it.

thank you for taking the time to explain all that. I will keep those 
instruction in mind or at least in a file folder...which is more 
reliable for recall.

>300 photos does not sound a lot for iPhoto to handle. I regularly 
>have over 2000 at times in my iPhoto. How much memory do you have on 
>your iBook?


>Have you run a Disk Permissions lately.


>Could you go up to the iPhoto menu when you have it open and Select 
>"About iPhoto" and let us know which version you have?


I am sure the answer is upgrade...and more memory...$$$$$.

>Hope this is a help. Get back to me if I have forgotten anything or 
>I can help further
>H  in NZ

thank you so much

iBook G3 700MHZ  10.2.8 256MB
in Columbus Ohio

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