[iBook] Using Parallels?

Howard Pettigrew howard.pettigrew at xtra.co.nz
Thu Dec 20 23:49:50 PST 2007

Strange, I ran it SLLOOWWLLY on my 1.83 early series MacBook on 512,  
and the Apple demo machine (black 2 GHz) I took around schools only  
had 1 gig of RAM and there wasn't a PC laptop which I couldn't beat on  
start up, etc - which annoyed more than one or two school Principals  
with fancy PC laptops! I have 2 gig in my machine now but after a  
period of time, Parallels has even slowed down on that - typical PC  
behaviour. Holiday job to do a PC clean up - if only it was as simple  
as on the Mac.
Sorry, can't offer any great pearls of wisdom on this one, but extra  
RAM makes your MacBook sing so it is worth it on the Mac side alone!
H in NZ
On 21/12/2007, at 5:43 PM, Paul Bernhardt wrote:

> I've installed Parallels on a Macbook and it has bogged it down  
> terribly. 1 GB RAM, new machine (4 months old, that is), running  
> Tiger.
> Anyone here have experience running Parallels? Any ideas on  
> optimizing performance?
> TIA!
> Paul
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