[iBook] Older Powerbook vs new Macbook

Don Distel don at distelphoto.com
Fri Dec 21 14:33:43 PST 2007

I have a 4 or 5 year old G4 Powerbook. It is a 1 GHz model with 1 GB  
of Ram. My only real usage for this laptop is location photography  
where I tether the camera to the laptop so my clients can see their  
products on the laptop screen as opposed to looking at the back of  
the camera. Everything works fine but it seems to be slow especially  
since I went from a 5 megapixel camera to a 10 megapixel.  Would I  
see a significant increase in speed with a new Macbook which I would  
max out the ram?  I don't want to spend the extra $ on a Macbook Pro  
if I don't have to. One other thing, as soon as I get back from my  
location work I download the photos onto my 20inch G5 I Mac and work  
on them there.


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