[iBook] Need help - dropped iBook!

Catherine W. niteflytes at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 17:01:33 PST 2007

Thanks for the advice on keeping track of the screws. I feel a little  
more confident now that I've heard from a few people who have  
successfully fixed their macs.

On Feb 14, 2007, at 5:28 PM, joe wrote:

> On Feb 14, 2007, at 12:47 PM, Catherine W. wrote:
>> I'm new here. I recently tripped over my ibook power cord in my  
>> haste to answer the phone and pulled my ibook onto the floor  
>> (carpeted, thankfully). To make it worse, the phone call was a  
>> telemarketing call. Anyway, I've done some research and it seems I  
>> need to replace the bezel brace. The plastic frame around the  
>> display is pulling away whenever I open my ibook.
>> I need help. I found instructions on ifixit.com that get me as far  
>> as removing the entire display unit but I can't find anything on  
>> how to take it apart and replace the bezel brace.
>> I have take apart a few laptops before to replace parts but never  
>> my ibook. It looks like I have to gut the poor thing to fix it and  
>> I'm terrified that I'll kill it. The fact that I can't afford to  
>> buy a new computer is what really scares me so I have to fix it  
>> and it has to live!
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> My only advice is to keep careful track of the screws.  There's a  
> bunch of them, and they look similar but are different.  I found it  
> best to tape them to a sheet of paper in groups and label them  
> (3 at 4mm for example).
> I've taken apart and reassembled an iBook G3 and a G4  on several  
> occasions, and they're not too bad if you've got a good manual  
> (like iFixit).
> Joe
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