[iBook] Waiting for Leopard, formerly Brrrrrr

Larry Kollar kollar at alltel.net
Thu Jan 18 18:27:48 PST 2007

> I'm about due to replace my 2 1/2 year old Powerbook, and I'm waiting for
> Leopard, too.

My G3/900 iBook crapped out yesterday, with all the symptoms of a chomped 
logic board. I confirmed with Apple what we probably all knew anyway, that 
the extended repair program is over with. I've snarfed the MacBookPro from 
work, while I try to decide whether I want an MBP or an iMac.

$400 for a new logic board from iFixit... I'm thinking of replacing it & giving 
the repaired iBook to my daughter, whose 12" iBook got wrecked by her 
brother. If not, I need to at least get a Firewire enclosure so I can get my stuff 
off it.

-- Larry

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