[iBook] Display problems with iBook G3

Sammy Patteson pattessm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 13:28:43 PST 2007

I had a similar problem with my own G3 dual usb.  I bought this comp
off my brother in law for $100.  He had the same problem and got apple
to replace the motherboard.  However, after a few years the problem
returned, only a few months after the recall ended.  However, THERE IS
a solution.  It's not really for the faint of heart, but it sure as
hell beats an $880 repair.  (What my local apple store wanted to
replace the logic board.)   I decided to fix it myself with some
thermal paste, some hobbyist aluminum, and some plastic spacers.  I
have photos and detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.  If
you are interested in using them (or want those dullard computer
"experts" you know to use them)  feel free to drop me a line, and i
would be happy to send them to you.

Sam Patteson

On 1/21/07, Robin Mayhall <robin at hieran.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a dual USB white G3 iBook that is having display problems, and
> I'm wondering if this is one of the symptoms of the motherboard
> problem that has been discussed here before -- or something else.
> About two weeks ago I was just doing my thing when suddenly my screen
> went funny -- wavy horizontal lines appeared on it, everything froze,
> then it went black. I tried to reboot a couple of times, and I could
> hear the hard drive spin and the machine boot up, but the display
> remained black. In all my brilliance (not), I decided that the
> display was messed up, and I took the laptop to my local "computer
> guy" the next day.
> After a day or two they called me and told me the problem was my
> battery. They said the battery wasn't holding a charge, and that even
> plugged in, somehow the power supply goes through the battery -- so
> the display was not getting enough power to run. They ordered me a
> new battery and gave me a loaner while waiting for the new one to
> come in. I took all this home, and the first time I started up,
> things seemed fine; but before long, the same symptoms returned.
> This time, though, because I am both stubborn and desperate <g>, I
> started just trying different things, and I eventually discovered
> that if I squeezed the edges of the laptop case while rebooting, I
> could get the display to work, at least temporarily. I then brought
> home several of those big binder clips from my office and clamped
> them on the edges of the laptop where I had been squeezing. With
> those in place, I can get it to work about 75 percent of the time;
> I'm using it now to type and send this message.
> The computer guys are now stumped. Oh -- by the way, the new battery
> came in, and I replaced the old one with it; still having the same
> issues. Any thoughts from the list? This now sounds to me more like a
> connection or motherboard issue than a battery issue, but I'd be
> grateful for any advice.
> Thanks!
> Robin
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