[iBook] Has this happened to your iBook?

Clark Martin cmmac at sonic.net
Wed Jan 24 20:21:39 PST 2007

At 8:41 PM -0700 1/24/07, M.Milligan wrote:
>I have the white iBook, 1.25GHz.
>Where the retaining screw for the battery located on the bottom of 
>the iBook, there is a small white plastic ring surrounding the 
>cavity left by the retaining screw. This ring chipped off last night 
>and now I can't reseat the retaining screw. The battery is in place, 
>but the screw won't go back in due to this white plastic ring 
>Has this happened to anyone else?
>What can be done about it. My iBook is still under warranty, but I 
>don't think this will be covered, since it will likely be called 
>"abuse". It wasn't.
>Any constructive suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Take it in to Apple and get it covered under warranty.  From what 
I've seen they are pretty good about stuff like this.  Try it.  Call 
them up first if they are far away (or call AppleCare).

If this fault is in the battery itself (it's not clear from your 
discription) then replace the battery.
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