[iBook] Has this happened to your iBook?

Howard Pettigrew howard.pettigrew at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jan 24 22:26:24 PST 2007

Happened to me Murray. I dropped my G4 14" on the concrete floor of  
the garage (oops) putting it into the car one morning with too many  
things being carried and not enough hands. The white ring broke and  
that was it - no battery latch. I just used wide cellotape to hold  
the battery in place (not ideal) until I could take it in when I  
wasn't using the computer (a very rare occurrence!). They had to  
replace the whole bottom of the laptop but they had to seek approval  
from Apple Australia (they control NZ as well) before it could be  
replaced. I didn't have to pay but that may be because it was a  
teacher's laptop in NZ and all teacher laptop's are covered by an  
equivalent to the 3 yr Applecare in NZ.
The bad news was that after repair, the battery would still fall out  
(always when ou hadn't saved it!), so it was back to the cellotape  
again, which looked ugly but did the job. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
If Apple won't replace under warranty, what about seeing if there are  
any dead ones around you could get a cover off. I have 2 x12" sets of  
plastics from dead ones and there are some advertised on our online  
auction site equivalent to eBay all the time. I think I could  
probably find a 14" from someone in NZ if I really had to, but the  
postage and risk of damage may be too high to consider.
If you could get a cover, the online Fix-it takeapart guides are very  
comprehensive and it isn't as if you have to go too far into the  
machine like say replacing the logicboard, which is where the sweat  
breaks out on the brow. The worst part of getting the plastics off is  
actually getting the casing apart, where you have to use a little  
brute force and use something made of soft plastic that won't scratch  
the edges (something like the little plastic spoon to eat an ice  
cream sundae is ideal)
Just a thought
H in NZ
On 25/01/2007, at 4:41 PM, M.Milligan wrote:

> I have the white iBook, 1.25GHz.
> Where the retaining screw for the battery located on the bottom of  
> the iBook, there is a small white plastic ring surrounding the  
> cavity left by the retaining screw. This ring chipped off last  
> night and now I can't reseat the retaining screw. The battery is in  
> place, but the screw won't go back in due to this white plastic  
> ring breaking.
> Has this happened to anyone else?
> What can be done about it. My iBook is still under warranty, but I  
> don't think this will be covered, since it will likely be called  
> "abuse". It wasn't.
> Any constructive suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers.
> Murray
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