[iBook] Everytime I turn the Airport on my iBook freezes!!! what's going on??

Mary H. maryh at brucetelecom.com
Sat Jul 28 17:35:40 PDT 2007

At 11:28 PM +0000 7/28/07, Sol Escobar wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>Basically the problem is that everytime I turn the Airport on the 
>iBook instantly feezes, and I just don't know what's going on.. any 
>(I have an iBook g4, 1.33, 12inch)

When you say it freezes, what exactly do you see? Beachball? 
Unresponsive cursor? How do you get out of the freeze?

Has Airport worked properly in the past?

What happens when you turn Airport on with a different User Account?


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