[iBook] external firewire CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

Mary H. maryh at brucetelecom.com
Sat Jul 28 17:06:44 PDT 2007

At 7:02 PM -0400 7/28/07, Janice F. Jorgensen wrote:

>I have tried and tried with no luck.    I think I am doing it correctly...
>Today I have retried it and found areference to if u have a firmware
>password it won't work.. I do have a firmware password.

Yes, a Mac that has Open Firmware password protection cannot be 
started up in Target Disk Mode.

I believe you've said that your iBook is OF password protected. That 
won't matter here, as it's your MacBook, not your iBook, that will be 
in Target Disk Mode.

Is your MacBook also Open Firmware password protected? If so, then 
you'll have to disable that on the MacBook. If not, then you will be 
able to start the MacBook in Target Disk Mode to install OS X on the 

A review of the procedure:

iBook is powered on.
MacBook is powered on.
Insert install disc into MacBook.
Choose "Restart" from the blue Apple menu on MacBook.

At the sound of the start-up chime, hold down T key on MacBook until 
you see the FireWire symbol moving around.
Connect FireWire cable to both machines.

You should see the OS X install disc icon on the desktop of the 
iBook. (You will also see the icon of the MacBook HD.)
I'm pretty sure the installer will now work for you - it will say 
that it will begin the process by restarting your iBook. After 
restart you should be able to choose your iBook HD as the destination 
for the install.


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