[iBook] external firewire CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

Janice F. Jorgensen janicejorgensen at charter.net
Sat Jul 28 17:54:24 PDT 2007

Thanks.. It is my Macbook that has the firmware password.  I have been told
that I need to go to the apple store to do that... As it is kinda
complicated.  A new apple store just opened 1 week ago 1/2 hour away.  Guess
that is where I will be going so I can move ahead.

Thank you so much for the detailed step by step description.

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> At 7:02 PM -0400 7/28/07, Janice F. Jorgensen wrote:
>> I have tried and tried with no luck.    I think I am doing it correctly...
>> Today I have retried it and found areference to if u have a firmware
>> password it won't work.. I do have a firmware password.
> Yes, a Mac that has Open Firmware password protection cannot be
> started up in Target Disk Mode.
> I believe you've said that your iBook is OF password protected. That
> won't matter here, as it's your MacBook, not your iBook, that will be
> in Target Disk Mode.
> Is your MacBook also Open Firmware password protected? If so, then
> you'll have to disable that on the MacBook. If not, then you will be
> able to start the MacBook in Target Disk Mode to install OS X on the
> iBook.
> A review of the procedure:
> iBook is powered on.
> MacBook is powered on.
> Insert install disc into MacBook.
> Choose "Restart" from the blue Apple menu on MacBook.
> At the sound of the start-up chime, hold down T key on MacBook until
> you see the FireWire symbol moving around.
> Connect FireWire cable to both machines.
> You should see the OS X install disc icon on the desktop of the
> iBook. (You will also see the icon of the MacBook HD.)
> I'm pretty sure the installer will now work for you - it will say
> that it will begin the process by restarting your iBook. After
> restart you should be able to choose your iBook HD as the destination
> for the install.
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