[iBook] Upgrading iBook G3 700MHZ While I Still Can

Eric Coral Inquiry ericcoralinquiry at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 13:58:33 PDT 2007

Dear all,

           I am a proud owner of iBook G3 700MHZ, 384MB memory and it has
been working pretty well on MacOS X jaguar with its 20G hard disk space.
However all good things come to and end the other day when some sector of
the hard disk rendered itself unusable.  Therefore I need to change my hard
disk and hopefully anyone out there can help me with this.

1.  I am planning to upgrade my hard disk from the 20G IDE ATA 66  5400RPM
to 80G IDE ATA 7200RPM,
- The increase in RPM, does it affect the performance of the iBook G3
- Has anyone tried that  before?

2. If you have tried it, how was the performance of MacOS X after the
upgrade? Any more frequent occurance of 'Freeze', 'Hang' as reported to be ?

 - Before the 20G HD od my iBook kong out, the MacOS X jaguar running on it
was superbly reliable and seldom hang.

3. Unfortunately as the last victim of the slot-loading DVD/CD combo, the
DVD/CD reader of my iBook was spoilt by some careless individual.
 - Is it possible to install MacOS X on to the newly upgraded iBook
externally say, through another  Mac by making my ibook startup pressing 'R'
key? (Thereby making it a external hard drive?)

Thanks for your insight and helpfulness.

Eternally Gratefully yours

Eric  'Proud owner of iBook G3 700MHZ, 384MB'
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