[iBook] G3 iBook vs. G4 iBook vs. MacBook

Jack baron58 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 19 18:03:52 PDT 2007

dmichaelharris at earthlink.net wrote:
> Hi:
> My G3 iBook's logic board finally gave out and I was wondering whether purchasing a G4 iBook as a replacement be the most cost effective. I'd be primarily using it for office duties (word processing, spreadsheets and maybe a presentation) and chrcking E-mail.

There is no question: the MacBook. Buy the Apple Care, too.

I have owned all three: the G3, G4, and MacBook. The MacBook is a much 
bigger jump from the G4 than the G4 was from the G3. MacOS 10.5 will, as 
I understand it, begin the move away from software that can run on the 
G-series. Unless you have a requirement for a MacOS 9.x-only software 
task, don't even consider a G4.

I don't advocate always buying the latest and greatest--that's a good 
way to waste money. But being on the tale end of the product life means 
you are wasting time and energy and competitive opportunities. The 
MacBook is ripe now. Pluck one for yourself.


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