[iBook] Panther Installation

Tom R. no spam tr5374 at csc.albany.edu
Tue Aug 26 06:44:30 PDT 2008

According to my experience and everything I've ever heard,
your worries are unnecessary.  And as for re-trying firmware
update, you can try it if you want, if it's not needed the
updater will just tell you that.

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Peter Nevett wrote:
 . . .
> Thanks for all the help. I have checked the firmware and it seems
> up-to-date (4.1.7). Is there any point in re-updating it?
> I am still a bit worried that following Tom's procedure above might
> leave me with no OS at all. Is this likely? I have an OS 9 CD from
> which the iBook will boot reliably.

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