[iBook] Panther Installation

Peter Nevett nevett at tequis.com.mx
Wed Aug 27 13:47:00 PDT 2008

On Aug 26, 2008, at 8:44 AM, Tom R. no spam wrote:

> According to my experience and everything I've ever heard,
> your worries are unnecessary.  And as for re-trying firmware
> update, you can try it if you want, if it's not needed the
> updater will just tell you that.
> On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Peter Nevett wrote:
>  . . .
>> Thanks for all the help. I have checked the firmware and it seems
>> up-to-date (4.1.7). Is there any point in re-updating it?
>> I am still a bit worried that following Tom's procedure above might
>> leave me with no OS at all. Is this likely? I have an OS 9 CD from
>> which the iBook will boot reliably.

I took your advice and followed the steps outlined earlier: boot from 
OS 9 cd, zero the hard drive, reformat, boot from OS X cd.
Then nothing!  Just a blue screen with an endlessly rotating line.

I rebooted from OS 9 cd, installed OS 9.2 and put back the essential 
software from my backup.
So I still don't have Panther but the Clamshell runs much faster for 
the reformatting.

I tried to install Panther again on the machine but with the same 
results as originally, stuck on "Preparing installation".

Any more suggestions? Maybe I need to replace the memory?

Thanks for all the help so far,


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